Who is Vitalik Puma?

Perhaps, the best answer for the question is the photo.


Indeed, he is one of the leaders of fan Movement of Dinamo Minsk. The Movement, that unites under the blue-white colors men of different professions and ages, different social groups and levels, the Movement of more than 40 years old. The uniting factor for thousands of the people - common love to the native city, to the team, which you support from the childhood, which has been supported by your father and will be supported by your son. This is friendship and mutual support with those, who share your beliefs, whom you meet on the stands from year to year. We can hardly recollect an activity that has been done without Vitalik’s involvement, whether the preparation of performances, the organization of a football tournament for fans or taking crucial decisions, concerning our Movement’s destiny. This man for us is the leader, the benchmark from year to year, who, due to his personal qualities and the addiction to the common cause, has won the respect from the friends, associates and even enemies.

We are not trying to put rose-colored glasses on you, and we agree that football fans are not the most obedient lads. And, for sure, nobody can call us a tolerant mass without our principles and ideals. Is this kind of youth needed in our country - that is the question…

Dinamo Minsk Ultras


Beyond good and evil!

In October 2016 the Central Department for Combating Organized Crime (GUBOP) searched Vitalik’s home and withdrew all the computer technics that was at home and the mobile telephone. The reasons for this operation were - just some planned inspections, no charges were pressed, and after a talk with the officer (which was mostly about his activities as a football fan), Puma has been released. All the technics have been returned later, after police have checked all the hard drives and failed to find anything illegal. It seemed to be just a misunderstanding. But the decision by the police has already been taken.

On November 28, 2016 Puma has been arrested, police made another searches in his home, withdrew the stuff that had recently been returned, and took Vitalik to Temporary Containment Cell (IVS), and later on - to Investigation Cell (SIZO). Belarusian Police pressed criminal charges on violation of article (attention!) 343 part 2 «Producing and distribution of porn materials or the things of porn character». Belarusian fans are used to be convicted under article 17.1 «Hooliganism», but that seemed too soft for our government. The absurd of the situation is that the court agreed to arrest him for sharing the short video in 2011 in social network VKontakte (vk.com), which has been recognized by the court experts as pornografic in November 2016. The video itself is the advertisement of condoms, which has been shown on the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2010. In 2011 this video has been shown in concert hall «Minsk» as part of the Advertising Festival.

Is there anything could be added to the plain facts for you to realize the infamy of the conviction, to realize, why our brother has been kept in jail during the investigation, but not under the written undertaking not to leave the place, as it must be according to Belarusian law, to realize, how was the case treated by the court. The answer is clear - everything is already planned somewhere in the cabinets of the government or police. It is planned by those, who has been elected or appointed to protect our rights and freedoms, our basic values. Planned beyond good and evil.


Minsk Regional Court has convicted Vitalik under two articles 343 and 130 of criminal code of the Republic of Belarus and sentenced him to 2.4 years of imprisonment. FOR 3 VIDEOS ON HIS PAGE IN SOCIAL NETWORK VK, and not all of them, according to his statements in court, he even watched! Now he is waiting for the appellation of the sentence in Investigation Cell in Minsk.

While our friend and brother is in prison, we announce our position of principle to defend our man, who is, moreover, totally guiltless. We do not agree to hide our heads and wait until another, more initiative, more active fan will be sent to jail just because someone decided this. In such circumstances we cannot stop boycotting football games on the territory of Belarus, as if we pretend nothing special happened. We do realize that we shall not cancel the fake sentences and do not even shorten the prison term for our fiend. Our aim - is to bring maximum attention to this case.

For the period, when Vitalik is in prison, the hashtag #freepuma becomes our main slogan and demand.


We say «thank you, friends» for the utmost support to Botev Plovdiv (Bulgaria), WBC Ultras Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine), CSKA Moscow Jugend (Russia), FKV LADS Ventspils (Latvia), FC Vojvodina (Serbia), Ferencvaros (Hungary), Dinamo Saint-Petersburg (Russia), CSKA Moscow Smurfs (Russia), Levadia Tallinn (Estonia), Dinamo Bryansk (Russia), Kursk (Russia), Neman Grodno (Belarus), FC Molodechno (Belarus), FC Osipovichi (Belarus), Khimik Svetlogorsk (Belarus), Dynamo Brest (Belarus), Torpedo Zhodino (Belarus), Karpaty Lviv (Ukraine). And also we would like to say special «thanks» to the former and current players of our Dinamo Minsk! Your support today is especially valuable.

We want to ask every indifferent person to force the hashtag to the masses. Every single display of solidarity is priceless.